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Hi there, my name is Donna and I’m the ‘Donna’ in Donna Pearl Photography. Pearl is my middle name, and I got it from my lovely gran which makes being able to use it as my business name all the more special to me. 

I inherited the photography bug from my dad, who posed us for hours on end trying to get ‘just the right shot.’ I promise not to do that to you. What I know about composition and perspective, I learned from my dad.

Photography has continued to be a passion throughout my life. I am often behind the camera smiling, laughing, tearing up, and even sometimes saying ‘wot?!’ (people never cease to surprise me – and I love that). 

Photography to me is about capturing moments in time. Moments that when others see them they smile, laugh, cry, get a lump in their throat, remember, and even think to themselves ‘when did that happen?’

I am a fine art wedding photographer that uses a documentary, relaxed and non-obtrusive approach.  Regardless of what I am shooting, a wedding, an engagement, couples, families, children, events, etc. I enjoy all of it! There is honestly no greater feeling than when a client says things like ‘you’re magical, you’re amazing, you made us feel so comfortable, you brought me to tears, oh my goodness we love them, our photos are beautiful, etc.’ It’s really my clients that are amazing, that they trust me to capture their memories. I feel very fortunate that I able to use this wonderful art form to do that. 

Thank you again for stopping by and if you feel my style is what you have been looking for, I would love to hear from you and capture some of your special memories too!

 'The camera makes you forget you’re there. It’s not like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much.' ~ Annie Leibovitz 

Personal Photography:

  When I’m not taking pictures of lovelies like you, I take pictures of lots of other things.  Here are just a few: